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Peggy Utley
May 22, 2018

Come Apart Before You Fall Apart

Come apart before you fall apart. Jesus didn’t actually say it that way but the message is the same. The crowds were pressing in on Jesus and his disciples.  The stress was building up, weariness was setting in, emotionally, physically and spiritually it was time for a break.  Pay attention to what is said in […]

May 16, 2018

Michael and Coleen Brandt live in South Dakota where they have a ministry to help struggling pastors and churches which he calls “Shepherding the Shepherds”.  Michael was a keynote speaker at the Gideon Banquet in Raleigh on May 5. Desiring to worship in a local church near his hotel on Sunday morning, he inquired where […]

May 8, 2018

Webster defines the word “Partner” as “a person who takes part in some activity in common with another or others.”  Businesses are often formed through partnerships. Two players in games like tennis or bridge can partner together as a team to play against two other partners.  When God established a Covenant with Abraham he created […]

May 1, 2018

A hymn by Fanny Crosby goes like this: To the work! To the work! We are servants of God, Let us follow the path that our Master has trod; With the balm of his counsel our strength to renew, Let us do with our might what our hands find to do. The work of a […]

April 24, 2018

Popular writer Gordon MacDonald reminds us in his soul searching book, “Ordering Your Private World,” about the danger of sink holes.  His source of inspiration on the subject comes from the extra large number of sink holes that have occurred in Florida. When underground streams drain away in times of drought the ground at the […]

April 17, 2018

Making the Most of your Time

We are already in the middle of April. Can you believe it?  We are always remarking about how fast time flies. But what is really flying by is our lives.  I have a treasured Grandfather clock which the Deacons of Westwood Baptist Church gave me on the occasion of my retirement in 2007.  I faithfully […]

April 10, 2018

Never Stop Praying

Are you continuing in prayer?  With all that is going on in our world today it is easy to give in to discouragement, fear, anger and worry.  The world in which Paul lived was no more encouraging than the world we live in today.  Yet, Paul took a positive approach to life.  In 1 Thessalonians […]

April 3, 2018

“How much can I drink?”

There is a story of a little boy who was one of seven children. One day, he had an accident which required hospitalization.  Coming from a very poor family and not enough food on the table to satisfy the hunger of 7 children, he was taught to share everything. Sharing everything meant he never had […]

March 27, 2018

The Resurrection Story

According to Scripture, Jesus died and was laid in the borrowed, unused tomb of Joseph of Arimathea on Friday. Someone asked, “Why a borrowed tomb?”  The answer, He only needed it for two nights. Early Saturday morning the Chief Priests and Pharisees met with Pilate remembering that Jesus had said that “after three days” He […]

March 20, 2018

Pressing On

Life is not lived on a level plain. Rather, it is filled with mountains and valleys, ups and downs, highs and lows, good and bad. It was certainly that way for Jesus.  His parents witnessed the high moment when the wise men visited their little baby presenting him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to […]

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