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Charles Allard
September 29, 2015


Many people pursue happiness as if it is a destination, something way off in the distance. But genuine happiness is right at your fingertips. Those who are happy are those who have learned how to enjoy and savor each moment of the day. The happy person knows how to appreciate a warm conversation or even an interruption in a […]

September 15, 2015

Serve the Lord with Gladness!

Psalm 100:2. says, “Serve the Lord with Gladness” The New International Version translates that verse as “Worship the Lord with gladness.” Paul reminds all of us that we are to present our bodies (ourselves) to God as a living sacrifice, acceptable to God and he says that such presentation is our “spiritual service of worship”. You may never have […]

September 8, 2015

Take time to LISTEN

Mother Teresa once said, “There is so much good you can do if you listen to God in the silence of your heart.” Her words are food for thought in these challenging times. The key word in her statement is “LISTEN”. The key place to listen is “in the silence of your heart.” Being still and being quiet are challenges […]

August 17, 2015

Be Nourished!

If there are times in your life when you doubt the importance of Bible Study, Worship and fellowship with other Christians, don’t be too hard on yourself or fill your life with guilt. We would be less than normal if we didn’t have doubts from time to time. But we need to understand the source of those doubts – THE DEVIL. […]

July 28, 2015

Thank you, Lord!

While visiting a friend in the hospital, a nurse entered the room on her routine check. Completing her duties, she stopped, commented on the beautiful roses, then went around to the other side of the bed so that she could smell them. As she left the room, I said, “It’s so nice to see someone stop to smell the […]

July 21, 2015


Patience seems to be an unsought virtue in the world today. Everyone is in a hurry. We want it now! We definitely belong to the “instant generation”. Some even consider as a weakness rather than a virtue. To some, patience is nothing more than a passive, uncomplaining acceptance of trying circumstances. The kind of patience that the Bible teaches is anything […]

July 14, 2015

YOU can make a difference!

Did you see the Charlie Brown Cartoon in which Linus says, “I think the world is so much better today than it was five years ago.” To which Charlie Brown says, “No! How can you say that? Don’t you read the papers? Don’t you watch TV? The world is going to the dogs. How can you say it is a better place […]

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