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July 21, 2015


Patience seems to be an unsought virtue in the world today. Everyone is in a hurry. We want it now! We definitely belong to the “instant generation”. Some even consider as a weakness rather than a virtue. To some, patience is nothing more than a passive, uncomplaining acceptance of trying circumstances. The kind of patience that the Bible teaches is anything […]

July 14, 2015

YOU can make a difference!

Did you see the Charlie Brown Cartoon in which Linus says, “I think the world is so much better today than it was five years ago.” To which Charlie Brown says, “No! How can you say that? Don’t you read the papers? Don’t you watch TV? The world is going to the dogs. How can you say it is a better place […]

June 16, 2015

Faith in Action

While this heat wave has driven most of us indoors for the better part of the day, the plants in my garden are loving it. A few tomato plants are already beginning to bear fruit here and there, and each morning, it seems all of the plants are a little taller, greener, and have a few more blossoms on them than […]

June 3, 2015

Looking for instructions?

“It looked good on paper.” I often say that after some project I’ve attempted has not turned out like I expected. Or maybe a recipe I’ve tried       looks nothing like the attractive picture that is included in the directions. Sometimes the ideas in my head would have worked had I actually written them on paper – and taken the […]

May 26, 2015

Share the Good News!

Have you ever been told “no news is good news”? I think we all have probably heard that at one time or another. I was raised by parents who absolutely refused to worry about things that hadn’t happened yet. After my dad retired, he and Mom spent a lot of time traveling across the country […]

May 12, 2015

Fresh Water

Those with faith and assurance in Christ live each and every moment in the presence of God. Acts 17:28 tells us that “In Him we live, and move, and have our being”.  Through the gift of prayer, we can be in conscious contact with God at any time by turning to Him in our thoughts, and the gift of His presence […]

April 28, 2015

The Majesty and Glory of His Name

I was blessed to be able to drive in the Allegheny Highlands in Virginia, specifically the area around Clifton Forge and Covington. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen this stretch of road beyond Clifton Forge. There is farmland nestled between the hills. Birds of prey soar in the sky while cattle and horses graze in the […]

April 14, 2015

Rain is like the blood of Christ.

It’s spring in North Carolina. Beautiful azaleas are blooming, pear trees are turning white, flowers are popping their heads out of the earth – and a layer of yellow pine pollen is EVERYWHERE. The pine pollen isn’t one of the things that tortures those of us with allergies. That honor belongs to things like grasses […]

April 7, 2015

Renewed in Christ

I came across something on the Internet that was fascinating to me. There’s a lady in Tazmania who has figured out how to recycle dolls. She calls her product “Tree Change Dolls”. She’ll go to a thrift store and purchase used dolls. There is one particular type of doll that attracts her and she usually tries to get those. Some are in generally […]

March 24, 2015

Spring is Here!

This is the time of year when I enjoy watching things come back to life. I am beginning to see splashes of yellow appear – daffodils and forsythia. Trees that were just bare sticks are covered in white blossoms. Soon there will be redbud and azaleas adding their colors to the mix. God gives us such wonderful gifts and we can expect to […]

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