We welcome the opportunity to help you with your wedding plans. One of the first things you should do is schedule a visit of the church to see if it will suit your needs. Our sanctuary seats approximately 300-350 people comfortably. The church office hours are Mon-Thurs, 9:00-3:00, please call 919-781-5345 prior to your visit to make sure that someone will be here to show you around.

Ceremony: You are welcome to use your own clergy.

Other questions: please contact the Secretary, Peggy Utley by phone at 919-781-5345 or at

Cost for use of church facilities:  $50.00 deposit is required to secure your date

$400.00  sanctuary (includes fee for our Wedding coordinator and Sound Equipment operator)

$300.00  large fellowship hall

$150.00  small fellowship hall

$150.00  use of kitchen facilities ($50.00 returned if no damage, to be used for caterer’s food prep only)

Wedding Coordinator for church use: (in order to use our facilities it is required that the bride and/or wedding director work with the church’s wedding coordinator)

Please note: The wedding coordinator does not direct the wedding – she is here to open and close the church for rehearsal and the wedding, and to assist you or your wedding director with questions pertaining to the church facilities. 

Sound equipment operator: (needed for video, microphones, music cd’s, soloist)

All fees must be paid 30 days prior to the wedding date. We accept cash, checks, or money orders. We are not set-up to accept debit or charge cards.

General Rules for church use:

  1. No rice is to be thrown outside
  2. Flower girls need to use silk flowers (real petals can stain carpet).
  3. Use of drip-less candles only.
  4. No smoking is allowed inside or in front of the church.
  5. No alcohol is allowed on church property.
  6. Any furniture or items moved must be returned to proper place.
  7. Wedding party is responsible for taking down all decorations.

empty sanctuary